Christine Marie Heath has worked as a professional stage performer for over 20 years. With a passion for singing, acting, and movement, it was natural for her to explore a career that embodies the combination of all three.

Initially drawn to opera singing during her college studies, Christine soon began to carve out a successful niche in the classical world as a “cross-over artist,” holding the ability to cross boundaries between genres showcasing both operatic and musical theatre techniques. Christine has a seamless mix of vocal registers, and this versatility has landed her many singing opportunities with theatre companies throughout the United States and overseas. Her career has been shaped with no labels and she continues to enjoy the freedom to express herself in whatever music seems to fit.

A passionate and devoted teaching artist, Christine uses this same “blending boundaries” approach in her teaching with students. She periodically performs concert work with her employed education institutions and Innovative Entertainment. She is proficient with IPA in French, German, and Italian, is fully equipped and experienced in hosting remote lessons, and can happily assist at the piano.

“Do not fear mistakes…there are none.”

Miles Davis